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Hi, I'm Errol


My Name is  Errol Mitchell, and I was honored to serve as your Hampton City Council member from 2017 until 2021 as a public servant. I am proud to have served my community and country for many years. He was born in Kingston, Jamaica,  and moved to New Jersey, where he attended Plainfield High School.

My family and I moved to Georgia in 2005 and have lived in Hampton for 13 years. The solutions to our city's daunting problems will require an experienced leader with institutional knowledge of how to get things done and a willingness to create a consensus without animosity.

I desire to help govern our city into the future so we can continue to be proud of the place we call home. 

My website is about my beliefs, background, and accomplishments as a public servant. From humble beginnings to success, I am proud to share my story. I invite you to explore my site, read about my work, and learn more about who I am and why I am passionate about making a difference.


Former Councilman Errol Mitchell earned a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from Georgia State University. He continually expands his knowledge and obtains his master's degree in public administration in Law Policy.

 He just obtained a Certificate from the University of Georgia's Carl Vinson Institute of Government.

Former Councilman Mitchell served a four-year term on the Hampton City Council, including working as an Axillary Police Officer and PTO President in Plainfield, New Jersey. He is now the Vice President of the Main Street Commons HOA. 


Former Councilman Mitchell is also quite involved in their church. Councilman Mitchell formerly served as Head Deacon and presently serves as Area Coordinator for the Master Guide Club for the conference, Religious Liberty Director. (EYPM), Pathfinders, the youth and children choir, and the Adventurer Club.

Former Councilman Mitchell has solid managerial experience and has been acknowledged several times for his outstanding service. He is a man of faith, fortitude, substance, and service who considers serving the citizens a pleasure and an honor.



Equality Meets Opportunity

I firmly support the goal of making Hampton the ultimate place to work, live, and raise a family. and why giving yourself a raise while everyone else suffers is wrong This requires a stable business environment, appropriate development, protection of individual freedoms, encouraging citizen participation, improving the overall quality of life, and promoting commerce and economic opportunity. Achieving these objectives necessitates discovering new revenue streams and enhancing government efficiency. Additionally, I advocate for fixing the FIRST-TIME BURDEN PROPERTY TAX, REMOVE ALL UTILITY BASE CHARGE, and NO INCREASE ON ELECTRIC BILLS. If you share these views and want to impact our community positively please join me. Together, we can craft policies that will propel Hampton in a direction we can all be proud of. 

• Fixing the City Property taxes

• Citizen Engagement

• Community Aesthetics

• Engaging the community

• Art, Entertainment

• Promoting a Safe and Healthy City

• Enhancing the overall quality of life

• Effective Governance, Government, and infrastructure

• Supporting Commerce and Economic Opportunity

• Find new revenue sources and improve government efficiency.

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